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~ Purpose ~

Every company small or big has / needs drugs and alcohol policy in force which is to be fully adhered by all employees. Due to bad habits or every day stress / workload sometimes human nature tends to opt for “easy way out” and could get entangled in drugs / alcohol circle which will affect health & safety of themselves and even people around them. Don’t let that chance and enroll for this training course.

~ Objectives ~

Educate participants on proper habits and to understand which fatal outcome will drugs and alcohol abuse really bring to their workplace, private life and in the end to their own health (why it should not be taken for light!). ”Easy way” is almost never the right way – be & stay responsible.

~ Content ~

'Responsibilities at work'

'Alcohol and drugs usage and side effects'

'Health & safety'

'Alcohol and drugs testing'

'Positive testing'


>>The course set includes series of training modules and video materials.<<

~ Certification ~

Upon successful completion of the online course you will be granted with personalized training certificate (validity: Unlimited).

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Training Modules

    • Welcome

    • Introduction

    • Alcohol Misuse

    • Drugs Misuse

    • Types of Illicit Drugs

    • Health Effects

    • D&A Testing

    • D&A Work Policy

    • Failing the D&A Testing

    • Course Summary

    • The End

  • 2

    Training Video

    • Substances Abuse

  • 3

    Training Exam

    • Exam: Drugs and Alcohol Awereness