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~ Purpose ~

Internet hacking and frauds are increasing all over the world and most of jobs requires IT equipment which are prone to cyber threats which leads to compromised security. This course is all about how to prevent those attacks / frauds and improve cyber security by applying appropriate steps and rules.

~ Objectives ~

In this course participants will be able to efficiently detect and not fall to any fraud activity, timely report possible cyber-attacks which can leak important disclosed information (private or by company). Know how to improve security on IT equipment. 

~ Content ~

'Cyber / IT security explained'

'Personal / company data preservation'

'Types of cyber-attacks & methods'

'Protection against cyber-attacks & methods'

'Cyber risk assessment'

'End-User Protection & Tips'

>>The course set includes series of training modules and video materials.<<

~ Certification ~

Upon successful completion of the online course you will be granted with personalized training certificate (validity: unlimited).

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Training Modules

    • Welcome

    • Introduction

    • Defining Cyber Security

    • Types of Cyber Threats

    • Malware Part 1

    • Malware Part 2

    • End-User Protection (Endpoint Security)

    • Cyber Risk Assessment

    • Course Summary / The End

  • 2

    Training Videos

    • Cyber Security - How it Works

  • 3

    Training Exam

    • Exam: Cyber Security